Designed in California, the 100NX was an approach that many manufacturers of the time attempted to achieve. That of bringing the sports car feel to the masses. In Nissans case with Honda releasing the CRX, Toyota with the Cynos, Sera, MR2 Mazda with the MX3 and the MX5 to name a few. Nissan needed to release something remarkable and so was born the 100nx that fitted nicely into the 200sx and 300zx family as the little brother. While it could never be called a market leader in sales ( 5000 models sold in the uk from 1990 – 1995, Numbers for Ireland not available as it is classified as Other), it has attained a devout following even among ex-owners who still fondly remember their old model

In Europe The NX Coupe was released with a choice of 2 engines the SR20DE (2ltr), The GA16DS (non ECU) (1.6 95bhp). This Version of the Carb was to be seen well into 1992 but by early 1992 The GA16DS (with ecu 90bhp) would have been the norm. Later in 92 and early 93 saw the emergence of the GA16DE (1.6 102bhp). While the GA16DE was used As the Standard for th e 100nx in the British Isles, the 2ltr version is much more available through out Europe where as in Australia/USA the 2ltr is the dominate model and the 1600 the lesser.

As I said Earlier The 100NX (injection) was not released until 1993 in Europe, This was not the case in other parts of the World. In the States The Nx2000 and the NX1600(ga16de) had a limited lifespan of only 3 years 1990-93. Similar situations arose in The Japanese Market where the nx was first sold with the Ga15ds, Ga16de and the SR18de. Amazing to read on the Japanese 100nx Tech Sheet that the ga16de was giving 110bhp which was reduced elsewhere in the world (1994 GA16DE sales borchure techsheet) and that the 1.5 model was virtually the same as the carb non ecu( 94bhp ). Where as the 1.5 and the 1.8 were not released around the world Many imports can be found. The Japanese model came with some fun add-ons like adjustable suspension (1.8) digital clocks (1.5) and as can be seen on some German models Headlight Wipers and even an optional holder for your golfing umbrella..

100nx in race modeWinter Racing

Affectionately known as the Egg it has brought together devout groupings around the world many of whom have visited our Site and some have gone on to set up their own sites for meeting fellow 100NX enthusiasts/owners. The 100NX is one of those cars that was not directed at any one age classification, At 100NX.com have members from 17 to over retirement age. For the Purists out there the car can still Be purchased in near stock condition, a sr18de (With umbrella) was recently purchased from ebay for just over 500 sterling and many 1.6 carbs are sold in the region of 200 sterling. Now dont take me wrong this will not last as in other countries the cost of the car is much closer to its real value for example in Ireland a 1995 1.6 will sell in the region of 5k – 8k euro depending on condion (please note this is at time of publishing this page Mar 06. Where as for Modifiers tastes we have some specials that will be announced here later in the year ..

Uncle Al's by duskSo after all that I hear you asking what is the Geneology of the 100nx. The NX is built upon The same chassis as the Sunny/Sentra(US) the B13, The B series chassis was the stalwart chassis family that Nissan first introduced in 1966 and sparked one of their most successful models (Wiki Article on the Sunny). The other Half of this Marriage of marques would have to be the Pulsar NX (also known as EXE). The Pulsar NX was in the 1980′s to climax another Datsun stalworth that started back in the 1970′s. While Built on a N series Chassis many of the design features lke the Targa roof for example were transposed into the 100nx design plans. The Datsun Cherry lineage (so successful was the later models that it was released as a Holden Astra in Australia).
The Engines seen in the NX proved to be a successful design for Nissan and were used in many models even enhanced as seen in the Sunny Gti-r (SR20DET), Almera\Serena was to use the Ga16de and the Primera of this period also used the same engines (Carb, Injection and the 2ltr). Today the name of Sunny/Sentra is well known, and with 2007 just around the corner it is good to take a look at the New Sentra from Nissan as seen on the Official Nissan Sentra Site.
Time really for me to hush up really, just time to ask a little favour from you, We at 100NXC are always looking for more pictures to add into our gallery or do you have a write up of a meeting or a gathering of 100NX’s why not mail it to us here and you article will be published here. I and the other members and officers of the club look forward to your articles and remember to visit us often as from time to time I suspect the site and its information will be changing as events come and go. So that is enough out of me I will just leave you to enjoy 100NX in all its quirkiness.


Club History

Welcome to 100nxc ..


Firstly a little history, 100nxc was founded after a few 100nx enthusiasts joined up to forum the UK 100nx group over at msn groups back in 2002, those members being Kris, Womwom, Golders, Angelblue and myself. This was taken to the next level when Womwom announced to the world that 100nx.com was alive and well and looking for members. Success was immediate so much so that in March the 100nx Uk site was changed to 100nxc and so we have been since.

100nxc, 100nx.com old logo100nxc, 100nx.com old logo

The 100nxc logo was one that was discussed both on and offline and is based upon the unique deepset eyes of the 100nx

2003 also saw our first club meets, JAE seeing our presence grow as the weekend passed.  As with any meet Plans were laid down, friendships made and the now all important act of putting the face to the Forum handle were made.  JAE has been a steadfast club occasion with 08 seeing our first Euro-Members making the journey over.  With the arrival of 2004 saw the sad departure of Womwom from the club, The format of the club was  already well devised and much of what makes 100nxc today was well defined at this time.

As the years pass by Members have gone onto bigger motors, some have returned and others keep in touch through the excellent messenger addressbook, mailing and even turning up to meets.  While the club is about the Nissan 100nx, it is only as good as its memberbase and this is one of our strongest features.  others being the wealth of information online and with the membership, who you will find are only too willing to share and help no matter the issue.

Naturally the Forums, are the members technical library for their motors but also it is for many a chance to catch up with friends accross the world

Some time ago I set up this Frappr map for NXrs to locate others .. Sadly Frapper has gone now and Map is retired .. so after so many of you added your selves.. it is lost due to costs the club at the time could just not justify

So what did we do about it .. Simple .. we created our own .. and this is accessible via the forums..

Here is the Link

and here is an advertising video from Japan .. Enjoy: http://youtu.be/U0MdE5nN0k8